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Hey everybody!

Welcome to our new blog/website/store combination platter on the internet! We’ll be posting our episodes here, sure, but we’ll also be doing much more. On top of this, we’ll be making blog posts, sharing guest blog posts, running contests, and adding more content as time goes on. So welcome y’all! Feel encouraged to explore as you’d like and report any issues and send feedback with the site to us at our email: or through this form.

Originally, we were going to wait until the season 2 premier on April 10th to publish out the blog for all’s consumption… But, we decided to release this metaphorical hydra of glory sooner than expected (with the end of our season 1 episode publishing out tonight, March 27th).

Oh, yeah…

If you’re interested in submitting a blog post, check this page out to get started.

Season 2 will be amazing, we promise!

Make yourselves at home. A more official blog post about the blog + site + season 2 will be coming soon.


Updates On Past Episodes

As of Tuesday, March 27, 2018: Here are some brief updates on a few past episodes from our now complete season 1 which may intrigue you…

And our latest release even has updates!

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Cassandra is somewhat of a chimera in that she not only wears many hats but has numerous heads in terms of the Of Myth and Mercy podcast. In addition to hosting, writing, researching, producing, editing, marketing, handling the Instagram and Twitter pages, designing the website and graphics and logo and branding, she is the weirdo of the group.

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