Season 1

Started: Tuesday, October 31, 2017
Ended: Tuesday, March 27th, 2018
Episodes: 12 subjects, 13 total episodes. One two-part episode.

s01e01: Paul Durousseau, Killer in a Cab

Paul Durousseau was tall, attractive, charming, and unfortunately, a manipulative serial killer who dehumanized women he victimized. There are questions still lingering about the former military man but what is known unfolds to be a horror for Southeast Georgia and Northeast Florida. Breaking the false ...
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s01e02 : The Mysterious Fate of Annie McCann

Annie McCann was a happy, picture-perfect 16 year old girl from a picturesque and affluent suburban home... Or so it seemed. As it goes, there are sides to all of us we keep hidden but these secrets we keep don't always lead to danger, mystery, or our ...
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s01e03: Jason Echevarria’s Death at Riker’s Island

We have our first interview with Sara, a former employee at Riker's Island Correctional Facility in NYC. She talks about her experiences there, specifically one in which she testified in a front of a Federal Grand Jury about the negligence which head to the horrific ...
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s01e04: The Brutal Murder of Brandon Teena

Brandon Teena's legacy lives on beyond the blockbuster Hollywood dramatization which won praise, as well as an an Academy Award for Hilary Swank's portrayal of the transgender man. His untimely and brutal end helped pave the way for hate crime laws to be updated and ...
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s01e05: Cathy Woods and Michelle Mitchell

After 35 years serving time for a murder she didn't commit, Cathy Woods was exonerated when DNA evidence cleared her of Michelle Mitchell's killing. It sounds like a happy ending, but the investigation and trial make it clear police departments in two separate states didn't ...
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s01e06: Aum Shinrikyo – Doomsday Cult (Part 1)

Aum Shinrikyo changed our lives forever but not as many people know about the Japan-based doomsday cult. Hear about how they started, how they became a cult, and how they became notorious in our first two part episode. Stay tuned until the end for a ...
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s01e07: Aum Shinrikyo – Doomsday Cult (Part 2)

Aum Shinrikyo changed our lives forever but not as many people know about the Japan-based doomsday cult. You heard about their foundations and origin in part 1. Hear about their devastation in this, part 2 of our two part special. The Japanese cult which originally ...
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s01e08: The Noida Double Murder

India is a country with a rich culture, complex and interesting history, and mystery. Will It Ever Be Solved? Two horrific murders under the same roof go unsolved due to years of grossly mishandled evidence and public scrutiny. Successful parents go from suspects, to convicts, ...
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s01e09: Lin Newborn and Daniel Shersty – #SquadGoals

In 1998, Lin "Spit" Newborn and Daniel Shersty were brutally gunned down in the Las Vegas desert by Neo-Nazis. In the years after their murder, however, despite an abundance of both evidence and eyewitnesses, only one man has ever been convicted for his part in ...
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s01e10: Jessica Kate Williams: Not Lost To History

When a young black woman with disabilities is found murdered in East Portland, veteran homicide investigators are left reeling. The scene reveals an especially depraved murder... Committing what they suspect was their 4th victim. A Street Family Collectively Murders Her A total of 13 people ...
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s01e11: Latasha Harlins: Remember Her Name

In the years following the senseless murder of 15-year-old Latasha Harlins, her name and existence seemed to disappear from media and history. Even the woman convicted of her murder managed to slide away with little to no consequence. But for those who participated in those ...
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s01e12: Maddie Clifton and Joshua Philips

When it comes to crime, Florida seems to be a fertile ground for crimes to be either highly entertaining and ridiculous or especially gruesome and horrific. 9 year old Maddie Clifton's case, one of a preteen being killed by her teenage neighbor, Joshua Philips, is ...
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s01e13: Jon Burge – A Legacy of Torture & Injustice

Jon Burge, a decorated former police commander and his overnight crew of cops torture confessions out of over 330 detainees over the course of 2 decades. It took years and years for the baddie brigade's shameful misdeeds to be exposed. The results include multiple death ...
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