Reggie & Carol Sumner

Reggie & Carol Sumner (Of Myth and Mercy Returns)

The True Love of Carol and Reggie Sumner

True love came to Carol and Reggie Sumner at last. The two wed and were bursting with happiness in their old age together. But when 4 sinister party-animals catch the scent of money on the vulnerable couple, tragedy follows close behind. 3 of the culprits are now sitting on death row.

A Horrific End

As they buried the elderly couple in the pre-shoveled shallow grave, the Sumners begged, pleaded, and prayed for dear life. They held each other in their final moments. Carol and Reggie suffered a horrific end. Worse yet, it was at the hands of someone they trusted and cared for.

Ruined Lives & Youth

For the first episode since beginning hiatus in early summer, Cassandra returns to talk about the unspeakable acts of Tiffany Cole, Alan Wade, and Michael James Jackson. While the 3 young wild-children who took 2 lives and in turn lost their own while they were still in their early 20s. Learn about the case while they sit on death row for their part in a heinous double homicide committed in a fashion that should be reserved only for horror films.

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Not Your Little Lady:


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