New episodes starting 10/31/2018 (AKA I’m comin’ back!)

The Of Myth and Mercy Podcast Returns

It’s been a few months and those months sped by so quickly I am struggling with how or where to start this post!

Image result for deliveranceFirst, a personally important plug: I was on an episode of the Not Your Little Lady podcast last July. The episode is called Deliver Us From Deliverance. You can find it here! Since my move to Atlanta, NYLL’s host, Allison, and I have become great friends all thanks to LadyPod Squad, and a local Atlanta women & non-binary/femme-identifying Facebook community which both Allison and I are a part of. We watched Deliverance (neither of us had seen it before) and recorded an episode about it. It’s a really horrible movie. We watched it so you don’t have to. And trust me, you don’t have to. It’s not good. It’s very bad.

Updates On Past Cases

What’s Been Going On/What’s New

Anyway, I’m back on my feet and I have a good job at an awesome software company with amazing people who have become like family to me. It’s really fantastic, y’all.

I am planning on releasing a new episode every other week like I did before on Tuesdays in the very early morning. Since moving to Spreaker (superb suggestion from the unbeatable Vincent Strange, host of my fav podcast: Gone Cold)and based on the results of 2 polls I put up (on Twitter & Patreon), I’ll be releasing the old episodes for streaming on my new podcast host. As of today, they’re all up and streamable on Spreaker! Check ’em out if you haven’t or revisit ’em if you have.

“Wait, what?”

On Wednesday, 10/31/2018, the newest episode (and my big return!) is about the horrific double homicide of Carol and Reggie Sumner. Motivated by greed, 4 young adults took the lives of an aged Jacksonville couple which put 3 of them on death row. Tiffany Cole, one of the 3 sentenced to death, is one of only 3 women facing execution in Florida.

On Tuesday November 13th, 2018 will come an episode about a legendary forger & mail-bomb murderer. Mark W. Hofmann made millions from organizations, churches, and companies during his life of crime, but his ultimate fate is unbelievable. If karma exists, it came for Hofmann.

Business as Usual?

Yes. New episodes every other week! Tuesday is the day!

I still want your guest post and blog submissions. Keep sending me case/subject suggestions and requests. The store is still running and the Patreon is going to see exclusive content within the next couple weeks.

I’m sorry for the wait but I am thankful for your patience and support.

Anyway, that’s about it. If you want to know more behind my absence and other things oMaM related, you can catch me being super vulnerable below so keep reading.


The, Uh, Personal-ish Stuff

Why I Took an Extended Hiatus:

“The Environment That Broke You Cannot Be The Environment That Puts You Back Together.” – poet and writer Rania Naim
it's my face. i'm cassandra. your host. [image description: a woman with dark brown hair, red lipstick, septum piercing, philtrum piercing, and glasses with thick black frame, and black eyeliner, and amazing eyebrows.]
oh, uh. it’s me.
If you recall, I moved to Atlanta, Georgia at the end of last April from Jacksonville, Florida after a lot of unfortunate events & traumatic experiences befell me with hope to start fresh. Things had been bad and were getting worse in Jacksonville for me… And I realized I couldn’t get better in the place I got sick in. “The environment that broke you cannot be the environment that puts you back together,” was the title of an article which inspired me to be brave and ultimately, heal.

It took me longer than I’d hoped to get comfortable dedicating myself to podcasting again. Back in May or June, I found myself in the midst of a really bad depressive episode. I live with major depressive disorder, dysthymia (chronic, mild depression), generalized anxiety, social anxiety, a.d.d. (inattentive type), and I’m on the autism spectrum (surprise?). Depressive episodes for me are a double-layer of misery mixed with panic attacks, sensory overload, severe burnout, and BAD executive dysfunction.

I was a depressed mess who couldn’t stop freaking out about how I would make it through the next month, week, even day for a bit.

Essentially, these diagnoses have symptomatic overlaps which can make living unbelievably hard. From my perspective in that kind of abyss, the idea of surviving the episode seems flat-out impossible. While I have a toolbox of coping skills, I knew I had to salvage all the energy I could. And, unfortunately, I sacrificed oMaM for the greater good at the time.

I know I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again until my last breath: Running a podcast, especially alone, is hard as hell and anyone/everyone who does it is a god damn saint and warrior.

Lastly: Alice and Kamron and Aaron

Gastrofest Jax logo
GastroFest Jax – An Annual Jacksonville, FL Food Fest!

I don’t miss too many people in Jacksonville, but I do miss my ex-cohost Kamron (and her now husband, one of my for-life-’til-death-best friends Liam)! She’s doing well and working on opening a food truck and still putting GastroFest Jax together (marriage and the food fest are why she didn’t have time to keep up with oMaM).

My best friend, gruetwo, and other former co-host, Alice married her partner, Chad on October 6th. She’s working a great job and runs Dungeons & Dragons campaigns for women/femme-identifying/non-binary folks in Boston.

While I miss having a cohost (especially Alice and Kamron) I am beyond happy for them both as the reasons they departed are amazing ones. Aaron is now in a wonderful relationship with a great woman and is being a dedicated dad to his beautiful daughter, too. Yes, we’re all still close.


As for me? I’m happily single and never looking, working full-time with a 1.5+ hour commute each way daily, hanging out with good friends regularly, working on my fitness (for the first time, actually), being healthy, pursuing therapy & working on my mental health, and, yanno, really just enjoying life again. All I can do is be mindful and take the ups and the downs as best I can. oMaM was a lifesaver for me when we started it. Now, I get to breathe life back into it.

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