Important updates! Returning from hiatus

I know I said I would be back to steady releases by now and that I’ve been pretty absent through our social media and contact methods. I’m finally returning from hiatus now though… And my goodness, do I want to apologize! I truly am sorry about it but I promise I am about to finish off a release for next Tuesday. It’s about the Coronado Mysterious Double Death(s)/Suicide/Homicide(s) of Rebecca Zahau and Max Shacknei. The case(s) are… Well, you’ll hear the details and all once I release. It was requested by the incredibly talented host (Lyndsay) from the tremendously entertaining podcast 33% Pulp Podcast. Happy as heck to be covering a request by such an awesome babe and fellow ‘caster who is not only super supportive (it is humbling!) but whattagreatcase!

Perfect way to end a hiatus from y’all.

Atlanta has been excellent and I love it here so much so far. I’m honestly not very far from the Federal Penitentiary located here. Below I’ve attached a picture I took of it earlier today while running errands with my roommate. Found out my apartment is on a street Wayne “Atlanta Monster” Williams did some hunting on and it’s even the Custer Avenue discussed by one of his targets (who rejected Williams’ offer for a ride) on the Atlanta Monster podcast.

Y i k e s !!!

But yeah, screw not taking precautions to prep for a hiatus, especially one that long again! I feel like the next few days will be a lot of work catching up on social media, with true crime community news, podcast emails, merch I need to send out, and so much more. It’ll be a bit before I’m back to caught up, methinks.

The Federal Penitentiary in Atlanta (Georgia) - taken before ending this hiatus!
The Federal Penitentiary in Atlanta (Georgia). Description: A large cement archway toward the left of the image with sidewalk in front of it. Black iron fences line the inside of the sidewalk and inside of the fencing is green trees. In the background is large fortress looking cement architecture which is the penitentiary itself.



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