The oMaM Team



host, producer, editor,  web dev,
twitter/instagram, graphics

Born in SLC,UT now in Jacksonville, FL, Cassandra pursued her life-long fascination with science, forensics, and biology for almost a decade until years of working in a clinical lab exposed her to be too sensitive for the field. Now a front end web dev, her fascination with true crime and science lives on through this podcast. She has a cat named Langston Mews, loves punk rock & hip hop, food (cheese & fried goods), activism, illustration, coding languages, and a whole bunch of other (mostly weird or creepy) things.

Yes, she’s will talk shit (to you), yes, she Tweets hard (& often), & yes, she’s the reason the repetitious sounds of a lighter flicking has to be edited out of recordings.

post-production, sound engineer,
music composition
Aaron was born in California and raised in Utah, where he still lives. He has studied music production, sound design and sound synthesis for 8 years. His influences range from hip hop to dance music and just about everything in between. He works in IT development, data modeling/analysis but has a degree in English (pre-law) from the University of Utah. Music is his passion. His Captain Planet ring would be the power of heart and he is frequently a hermit who avoids daylight. He can be found hissing at the sun and wearing black on days that end in Y. He has two cats who help him summon Baphomet when necessary. Humanism is his kink.

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