Of Myth and Mercy is a true crime podcast with a real modus operandi of its own: We do our best to focus on obscure, lesser-known cases, events, subject matter, and incidents, specifically ones involving the marginalized of society. These victims often face either erasure posthumuously or go without their impact or legacy being recognized as it should be.

​They should not be forgotten; they each and every one deserve to be remembered.​
​Ancient Egyptians believed spirits only existed in the afterlife as long as they remained in the memories of those still living.

“Mercy? I think, doesn’t the human race know anything about mercy?” – Charles Bukowski

New episodes are released every 2 weeks. Premium episodes and content available via Patreon and in our online store.
Made up of a permanent 2 person team with host Cassandra managing multiple duties including production, post-production, social media, marketing, web development, and more, Aaron covering music composition and post-production. We also have consisted of 2 other amazing folks previously, former co-hosts who, due to work and personal duty and responsibility: Alice and Kamron.
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