s01e02 : The Mysterious Fate of Annie McCann

Annie McCann was a happy, picture-perfect 16 year old girl from a picturesque and affluent suburban home… Or so it seemed. As it goes, there are sides to all of us we keep hidden but these secrets we keep don’t always lead to danger, mystery, or our death.

Today, Halloween, 2017, marks the 9 year anniversary of her curious journey and ultimate fate.
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s01e01: Paul Durousseau, Killer in a Cab

Paul Durousseau was tall, attractive, charming, and unfortunately, a manipulative serial killer who dehumanized women he victimized. There are questions still lingering about the former military man but what is known unfolds to be a horror for Southeast Georgia and Northeast Florida.

Breaking the false notion of black men of color being serial killers, and worse yet, targeting those in some of the most marginalized communities of America without regard or remorse, Kamron and Cassandra discuss a horror from the city they currently call home for the first episode.«…» Read More...