Mark William Hoffman – The Family Man Forger: Missionary to Murderer.

Mark William Hoffman never came across as a legend in the making as a pre-teen, collecting coins and attending Mormon church with his devout parents. He went on his mission and when he returned to become a pre-med student, got married, had 4 kids, and was an excellent father. His skills in hunting down valuable historical documents were unbelievable; and they shouldn’t have been believed.«…» Read More...

Reggie & Carol Sumner

Reggie & Carol Sumner (Of Myth and Mercy Returns)

The True Love of Carol and Reggie Sumner

True love came to Carol and Reggie Sumner at last. The two wed and were bursting with happiness in their old age together. But when 4 sinister party-animals catch the scent of money on the vulnerable couple, tragedy follows close behind. 3 of the culprits are now sitting on death row.«…» Read More...

New episodes starting 10/31/2018 (AKA I’m comin’ back!)

The Of Myth and Mercy Podcast Returns

It’s been a few months and those months sped by so quickly I am struggling with how or where to start this post!

Image result for deliveranceFirst, a personally important plug: I was on an episode of the Not Your Little Lady podcast last July. The episode is called Deliver Us From Deliverance.«…» Read More...

Fred "Beyonce" Martinez Jr., a murdered Navajo 2 Spirit

Fred C. Martinez Jr, Beyonce, and their short life as a Two Spirit

“I wish every human life to be pure, transparent freedom,” a quote which embeds itself into the memory of many, was spoken by Simone de Beauvoir. The sentiment is pure; it’s a genuinely good and authentic hope to want freedom for all in society.

It goes unsaid, sadly, but freedom is far from reality for too many people in marginalized communities.

«…»
Rebecca Zahau and Max Shacknei - Two Deaths, Too Bizarre

Rebecca Zahau and Max Shacknai – Two Deaths, Too Bizarre

Two tragedies shrouded in too many questions and too much mystery: Rebecca Zahau and Max Shacknai died 3 days apart of wildly different causes of death, or did they? Max was only 6-years-old when he ended up in a coma after he fell from the 2nd story, landing in the center of a grand staircase at his father’s lavish mansion.«…» Read More...

Important updates! Returning from hiatus

know I said I would be back to steady releases by now and that I’ve been pretty absent through our social media and contact methods. I’m finally returning from hiatus now though… And my goodness, do I want to apologize! I truly am sorry about it but I promise I am about to finish off a release for next Tuesday.«…» Read More...